Marketing Consultation

Online stores is work in one principle and that is to give the better service to the people. If we think that why the price of the online products are less than the market price, it is because the market price is included with various taxes like: vat, service tax and so on whereas the online shopping provides the services direct to the customer without the help of the third person in the market. This is the reason why the market rice is more than the online price.

Marketing Plans

Configurable product catalog Includes catalog pages and clear product display.

Flexible product creation system Create default standard products and add fields to store additional product information.

Flexible product attributes system Create user selectable attributes that allow for modification ofprice, SKU/model, and/or weight of items as the customer adds items. Set default attribute/option sets for each product class to easily create numerous similar products.

Single page checkout Checkout information displayed on single screen with configurable checkout options.

Simple order creation and editing Manually created orders allow customs to easily add products, adjust shipping, and add discount codes and vouchers etc. from a single screen.